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Sermon From The Compost Pile


His "earth-centered" spirituality is simple, humble and wise,
with appeal for anyone who has ever turned a compost pile or marveled at a bean sprout.

                            – Michael Weaver, NAPRA ReView

Edward Sylvia's observations are full of surprises and are luxuriant with the wisdom that grows all of life itself – both the life we can see and that which is invisible. There may be some who can give a sermon on the Mount; but most of us have to deal with compost piles and weeds and earthworms and sun, moon and stars that "represent permanent and continuous sources of inspiration and enlightenment, for both good times and to get us through our darkest hours." There are folks who are wonderful gardeners but forget the laws of nature of their own inner fields. Sylvia reminds, coaches, tells us to watch out for the artificial things of life, like herbicides (=chemical dependence). If more people wrote like Sylvia, the world would be a garden.
                                                           – The Book Reader, Los Angeles, California

Cultivating one's spiritual inner self

An insightful book with a message of hope and refinement for the soul, written especially for garden lovers but filled with wisdom for all who seek to open their inner selves to a higher plane of existence, Sermon From The Compost Pile is recommended as a welcome and appreciated contribution to self-help, self-improvement reading lists, and will have a special affinity for students of spirituality as well as those having a penchant for gardening.
                                                           –  Midwest Book Review

An insightful peek into your inner reality – the reality that matters most – to help you develop a "green thumb" to grow your own life and become the master gardener of your soul. Meaningful truths are unearthed along its pages, in layers of meaning that will be sure to speak individually to each of its readers. An easy read, woven with subtle humor, it's a great book to give to family and friends. Enjoy this little treasure and let it plant a seed of greatness in you and those you care about.
                                                            – Dawn M. Holman, Canada

This is one of those timeless books – one that is almost beyond classification. I first saw a copy at the London Book Fair and was imediately drawn to it in a way that I find difficult to explain. Only later, when a review copy was sent to me did I discover that the ideas the author so charmingly presents, stem in the first place from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, whom T. D. Suzuki called "the Buddha of the North."

The aim of the book is to take us on a journey through "the gardens of the spirit," and to see ourselves as caretakers of our own mental and spiritual processes. These the author relates to a wholistically environmental process of "inner gardening," while also giving many useful tips—which he has proven in his own gardening llife—for improving and harmonising our external gardens, however large or small they might be.

While it does not specifically refer to Buddhism or Japan—except in one footnote about meditation under trees—the book has a very Zen-like feel. This will be obvious to anyone      who has experienced the beautiful gardens associated with Buddhist temples. But the whole experience (for this is essentially what the book is about) is firmly rooted in that of gardeners world-wide.

Anyone who has an insight into the spiritual world of the garden will find a resonance with this book. And those who do not have this experience may find that it opens new doorways for them.
                                                            – Pure Land Notes, Devon, England