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Scripture, Relativity, Quantum Physics and String Theory
©2008 Edward F. Sylvia, M.T.S.  Staircase Press.

In John 1:1-3 of the New Testament, it essentially states that all things in the universe were created from the Word. This does not simply imply that the Lord’s Holy Word testifies that the universe had a beginning, and that God created it, but proclaims something more comprehensive. The universe, with all its laws, order, and bio-complexity emerged out from the dynamics and patterning principles intrinsic to God’s living Word.

Does Scripture have anything to say about the New Physics? By New Physics, I include Einstein’s relativity (special and general), quantum theory, and string theory. It would be quite an “eye opener” if these scientific models were somehow creatively portrayed within the narratives of Scripture. This would also suggest that these different scientific theories are successfully unified within the perfection of God’s Word – something that today’s physicists have not yet succeeded in accomplishing.

In my next book, Proving God, I make the attempt to show how the “correct” elements of these modern theories reflect the hidden architecture within Scripture. By “correct” elements, I mean removing some of the ideas in these theories that thwart unification while retaining other important concepts such as quantum discreteness, higher dimensional spaces, and gravity as the curvature of spacetime geometry.

Relativity theory is wrong in that it limits the velocity for the propagation of matter and information to the speed of light and does not recognize the discrete structure of space. In quantum physics, the wave function does not correctly depict the notion of pure potentiality in the microworld nor does it lend itself easily to geometrical description. The problems with string theory are that it is background dependent, uses classical strings or membranes instead of quantum (non-classical) ingredients and is unsure of what kind of geometry correctly illustrates higher dimensions.

Admittedly, my book project rejects many of the assumptions that both scientists and theologians currently embrace. But we need to find a better science and a better theology. The Holy Word is more than a continuum and its revealed truths occupy different levels with qualitatively different messages. It is a multidimensional document containing deeper, discrete, and more fundamental meanings. Similar to the kinematics of the non-local quantum world, these a priori meanings represent more energetic and expanded content. The quantum vocabulary of Scripture portrays our spiritual potentials perpetually seeking possible outcomes of measurement (our life choices).

Scientifically speaking, the layered structuring of Scripture also depicts metrics and dynamical magnitudes in qualitatively distinct kinds of spaces – from physical spaces (its literal sense) to mental spaces (its higher spiritual sense) to divine spaces (its highest Christocentric sense). Each level of meaning occupies a different ontological sphere of organizational order, and the different cognitive functions required to interpret each level are always invariant relative to each other.

This is just a taste of what is coming down the pike of Divine Providence. I believe that the descent of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, will bring about an upheaval in both religion and science.

Armageddon is a psycho-topological turf war. Human nature is such that it will vigorously defend its current assumptions concerning reality. Power, personal prestige, jobs, tenure, and grant money are all at risk.

Edward F. Sylvia, M.T.S. is the author of Sermon From the Compost Pile: Seven Steps Toward Creating An Inner Garden. His next book, Proving God, will fulfill a continuing vision that God’s fingerprints of love can be found everywhere in the manifest universe. He also lectures and presents workshops on a variety of subjects, always making connections between the topics of today and timeless spiritual insights. ©2008 Edward F. Sylvia, M.T.S. Staircase Press. For more information, visit