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Sue Sylvia, Designer
Good Resources

IBPA – the Independent Book Publishers Association
Staircase Press is a proud member of this professional organization of publishers and publishing industry resources. Some of the smartest, most generous people we know belong to this group. And they have many excellent member benefits.

SPAN – the Small Press Association of North America
This is another great professional organization that maintains a strong online presence and provide great benefits, excellent webinars and networking with other publishing professionals.

SLPA – the St. Louis Publishers Association
SLPA is a regional affiliate of the two associations above. Membership in this group is well worth your time if you're located in the metro St. Louis area. If you're not, check the organizations above for a regional affiliate near you and attend their meetings! You'll be glad you did.

Your book needs an ISBN. This is the place to get them. You can also do things here that will maximize your book's visibility in retail and library databases.

U.S. Copyright Office
Before you publish, register your work online, here! Be sure to enable pop-ups for this one.

The Permissions Group
These extremely helpful people can help you secure permissions you need if you have images, quotations or passages from other sources that requite documentation. They're the best!

Cassidy Cataloguing
To give your book its best opportunity for library sales, make sure to include the Cataloguing-In-Publications data. These guys are absolutely great, too!

Need an Editor, Indexer, Proofreader, Printer?
We work with excellent people all over the country. Everyone's project has different needs, depending on their specific genre, so contact me and I'll be happy to recommend my favorites that will best meet your needs.