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Edward F. Sylvia, M.T.S.
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Interview Notes
Edward F. Sylvia is passionate about his lifelong quest for answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Use the ideas below to begin lively, entertaining conversations and fascinating debate. These topics can be explored in as much depth as you want and be provocative as you can handle.

Sylvia is the author of the intriguing new book, Proving God, (in stores Spring 2010) which seeks to unify religion with science, spirit with matter, mind with body and evolution with eternal salvation. His first book, Sermon from the Compost Pile – Seven Steps Toward Creating An Inner Garden is a discovery of spiritual laws within Nature’s design.

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Proving God by Edward F. Sylvia
Start a conversation that pokes the hornet’s nest...

Challenging current assumptions about Science and Theology
• 12 Things about Religion that are Totally Wrong
• 10 Things about Science and The New Physics that are Flawed
• Don’t Be Afraid To Ask These Questions

Sermon from the Compost Pile by Edward F. Sylvia
Start a fruitful conversation on Inner Gardening...

A discovery of Spiritual Laws within Nature's Design
• 15 Interviewer’s Catalysts